İstanbul Ulaşım in Brief

Istanbul Ulasim A.S. is an affiliate company of Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality operating the tramway, metro, light rail, funicular and aerial cable cars in Istanbul.


İnsan Topluluğu Görseli

Founded by the Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality for operating the urban railway network in the metropolitan area, the company currently operates 10 urban railway lines of 121 km. Winning with its Zeytinburnu-Kabatas tram line the UITP’s (International Association of Public Transport) best practice award in meeting high passenger demand, Istanbul Ulasim serves more than 1,500,000 passengers every day.


Upon the completion of the rail-based transport investments that have recently been speeded up, Istanbul Ulasim will soon be serving a greater number of passengers. With this in mind, the company demonstrated its commitment to sustainable development by signing the UITP Sustainable Development Charter in 2005