Eyüp-Piyerloti Aerial Cable Car Line

  • As one of the projects launched to rejuvenate the Golden Horn as part of the IMM’s Urban Design Project for the entire metropolitan area, the Eyup-Pierre Loti Aerial Cable Car was designed to conserve the district’s historical-touristic fabric, to provide easy access for local and foreign tourists as well as to eliminate transportation and parking problems.

    Pierre Loti district constitutes the most important observation deck of the Golden Horn. There is also a binocular viewer on the observation terrace up on the Pierre Loti side of the line, which was opened in 2005.


    Eyup-Pierre Loti

    Operational Data

    • Opening Date: 31.11.2005
    • Line Length: 384 m
    • Number of Stations: 2
    • Number of Cabins: 4
    • Trip Duration: 2.75 minutes
    • Operational Hours: 08:00 / 23:00
    • Daily Ridership: 4,000 passengers / day
    • Number of Daily Trips: 200
    • Frequency: 5 minutes during peak hours


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Station Structures

The line is a two-station overhead transport system with a single intermediary support tower, featuring two unidirectional cabins each for eight passengers. The system has a single rope, used both as a carrying and hauling rope. The first station is located on the Golden Horn coast, and the second in front of the Pierre Loti Café.

The line has a safety system ensuring automatic stopping in case of emergency such as strong wind, deviation of the pulley from its track, cabins stopping at incorrect locations and very high speed; and displays failures on the control computer. Operators can monitor from the station computers various technical data such as the distance of the cabins from the stations, cabin speed, DC motor current and torque, positions of the safety switches, failure checklist, active failures and wind speed motor. Folding seats inside the cabins allow for travelling with wheelchairs.


Station Area: The Golden Horn (operation) station has an area of 625m2, while the Pierre Loti (return) station has 250 m2. In case of power supply cut, the diesel engine is started to activate the hydraulic system, and thus, the cabins are safely carried to the stations at a speed of 1 m/sec.

Commercial Speed: 4.00 m/sec

Maximum Load Capacity per Single Cabin (8 persons): 650 kg

Transportation Capacity: 576 passengers /hour

Trip Duration (including departure from one station and stopping at the other): 165 sec.

Average Number of Trips per Hour: 18