Operation Management Tools

Performing operations and maintenance activities for railway systems, Istanbul Ulasim develops customized Operations Management Tools specific to the sector. Bringing together a strong software development team under the same roof with staff performing maintenance and management processes, the company is able to develop effective management tools thanks to its advantage of on-site experience


Trend: An Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) application

Initially developing software applications addressing its own needs, Istanbul Ulasim later designed its own brand Trend, which is now in the service of its customers and offers enterprise-friendly features at all management processes thanks to its modular structure.


Trend, Kaynak Planlama (ERP) Yazılımı

The processes managed include:


  • Procurement Processes
  • Warehousing Processes
  • Failure Notification and Work Order Processes
  • Maintenance Planning Processes
  • Suggestion and Follow-Up Processes
  • Work Management
  • Records Management
  • Project Follow-Up
  • Advance Payment Workflow, Contract Workflow, Annual Leave Demand Workflow
  • Reporting